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Were you scammed online?
Report a scam to get your money Back!

If you're in Canada and you've ever been scammed online, our team of scam recovery experts will get your assets right back to you
Our services are available for losses over 1000C$ only

Companies we assist with on a daily basis


How we recover money from scams

Report A Scam
Conducting an audit of your case based on the information received from you.
Gather The Evidence
Bringing together all the proofs of phone calls, e-mails & executed transactions that led to a deceit.
Confront The Entities
Funds recovery specialist systematically monitoring all the subjects of illegal activity that have facilitated an unauthorized transfer of your funds.
Get Your Money Back From A Scammer
Rely on us to pursue your case based on our long-standing, impeccable track record.

Money returned in October 2023

Our team of experts refunds our customers daily.
We help both individuals and businesses in returning their assets lost to scammers.
We strive to find and suppress new ways of scamming so the more people gets scammed, the less chances for a new fraud to emerge.
The answer is short: We work in Canada for more than 8 years. We will never get to work with a case that we think has no chances to win. Our team carefully evaluates each case and estimates our ability to solve it. We are being fully transparent with you because your time is as much valuable as yours.
Why work with us?

Let's get 100% of your money back!

If scammers have taken your money, contact us and we'll tell you immediately how we can assist you in retrieving it!
Customer Testimonials
How we work to retrieve our clients' money
If you got your money stolen by a scammer, in the very beginning our team of experts finds out as much information about the scammers as possible, we collect all the proofs and evidence of a fraud actions (phone scammers calls,contact your bank) and begin to investigate.

At Get Funds Investigation & Recovery Services our experience and knowledge covers all the common types of scam, most of the cases are similar so from your first words we pretty much can say we know what to do. We mostly work with such cases as Forex, Cryptocurrency and Binary Options fraud.
You are only 1 free consultation away from beginning of your money retrieval!
Report a scam using our form below to get your money Back!
Recover Your Money
Secure a free consultation
Disclaimer: GFB LTD offers each new client a free consultation.
We provide a free consultation and we don't take money from you prior to showing any evidence of our activity.
We don't offer any investments.
We protect your personal information.
Cyber security is paramount in our world.
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